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Neighborhood & Physical Environment

Housing placement support for those acutely at risk to provide emergency shelter assistance. Transit support is provided, assisting patients with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), providing financial support for those without Medicaid.

Economic Stability

Renovis takes pride in ensuring the quality of the at-home environment by providing monetary relief for emergency utilities cut-off support and assistance with medical co-pay. Minor home repairs and safety preventative measures help enhance the overall protection and safeguarding of our patient community home life.


Health literacy is an important pursuit to elevate the patient engagement and accountability and serves as a first line of defense to minimize health care needs and increase the wellbeing of the patient. Community health outreach workers provide individual and group training instruction to strengthen patient comprehension.

Community & Social Context

Community based organizations (CBOs) serve as the backbone for closing the gap between needs and a thriving patient (reword). It is well-known that certain groups have been historically disenfranchised within medical communities. Community health outreach programs conduct house calls to perform home assessments to identify and assist with mitigating the needs of each patient. CBOs are our eyes, ears, boots on the ground and first line of defense in the care of the vulnerable patient providing customized beside counsel and advocacy to close the gap between disparate patient needs and assistance programs that may not be otherwise known.

Health Care System

At Renovis, we take pride in ensuring that our patient family is afforded the comfort and convenience to age and heal in place in an environment that is familiar, safe and meets the demand of their needs in the comfort of their home. Bringing medical comfort to their bedside minimizes the risk for transportation, hospitalization and COVID-19 exposure. It is our aim to close healthcare gaps. Renovis actively gathers and evaluates morbidity and mortality metrics and continue to track data to ensure that our mitigation activities are effective at reducing risks and improving patient viability and overall wellness

Food Insecurity

Renovis connects at-risk households with community-based food support programs, such as: Meals on Wheels, Forgotten Harvest, Focus Hope and local food pantries. Where appropriate, Renovis proudly provides supplemental monetary food support vouchers to close the gap and ensure that every at risk-patient’s needs are met.